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Played on Friday, 6/26, with a 6:40 tee time with John_t, his dad, and a high school buddy of ours. Paid $42 with the OB card.

Latest C19 change: masks are required at all times indoors.

The course is in great shape and has held up well to the summer heat of the last couple of weeks. Fairways have been lush and carpet like. The rough is up and they added a nice "1st cut" on most holes. Even without rakes, the sand has been good, unless you land in a foot print from earlier in the day, but they get maintenance every morning. A few of the greens have a light dusting of sand but they are fairly smooth and a nice medium/fast pace.

Only issue is the wet fairways early in morning, with some soggy areas.

With single rider carts, pace has been well below 4 hours since 5/1. The bar/grill opens with the course, the snack bars open at 8 along with the drink cart.
Played on Sunday, 6/14, with John_T and a 2ish tee time. Paid $47 resident rate and paired with a single. Finished in 3:30 after catching a 2some around 14 and waiting on the box for 2 twosomes in front of us the last 3 holes.

Conditions are ok and very playable. Tight fairways with lots of roll. Rough was non-existent with the possibly of shots running into desert/rock areas surrounding the fairways. Greens rolled smooth and FAST, except lots of maintenance to clear your line of small pebbles from the bunkers. Bunkers were hard packed and lots of small pebbles.

I think the price is a bit high for what you get but they block tee times to allow for single carts. We were the first in the 2pm block and the group was 20-30 minutes ahead of us. I find the course fun and with all the roll from the dry conditions I had some fun shots into the green.

Aliante is still my go-to for a quick afternoon FUN round.
Played 6/12 with an early morning tee time. I just reviewed this course a couple weeks ago, but the conditions are even better, despite the heat wave last week.

Greens are fast but have a light layer of sand added recently. Fairways are lush, but were wet with little run out. The rough has to be some of the gnarliest stuff I've seen. Chopping it out was the best option as the club would just stop in it.

Only hiccup: booked a 6:35 tee time online with email confirmation, arrived and wasn't on the sheet at 6:35. I looked and found us at 6:25, so no big deal. Sent to the 1st tee (a bit of a drive) at 6:10 and found us grouped with a 2some who's friends were a 3some in front of us (with a single added). Offered to join the single and let them play as a 5 after the starter left, which they reluctantly took. We caught the group ahead at the 5th hole, with the 5some right behind us. Marshal asked us what was the deal, since there was a 20 minute gap in times and he didn't have any issues with us rearranging the groups. Finished in 3:45.

Fun course with a variety of holes, and great views.
Played on Monday, 5/25, with a 8ish tee time. Joined John_t and a couple of his co-workers. Easy pace, finishing right at 4 hours, tracking a 2some we caught on 12.

Course was in great pre-summer conditions. Rough was thick and just nasty. Fairways were lush with some roll out. Greens were smooth but for some unrepaired ball marks, and pretty close to "fast." Bunkers here have always been the sore spot, and they still are, especially with no rakes, hard packed, with some liners showing.

The new carts are awesome. A nice GPS system and blue tooth speakers in the upper corners, pointing back at the driver/passenger. Perfect set up for solo riders as the sound doesn't really escape the cart.

C19 restrictions: no rakes, but single carts are optional (pair up or ride solo), and divot mix on the carts. Grill is open, but there's only 4 tables pushed to the corners, and a couple patio tables are available. No seats at the bar. Drink cart on the course, just no water buckets.
Played on Saturday 5/9 with a high school golf coach buddy and his friends for $65. We waited on a few holes early with a 2some in front of us, and was waved through a slow 4some around 12 to finish around 3:30.

C19 adjustments: max 4 in the pro shop (same group); can pay online or at the course; separate carts unless same household; no restaurant but they set up an outside BBQ (at the turn for Lakes, but no way for Desert, either before or after the round); no sand on carts but they had coolers with 2 bottles of water; 1 side of the range was open; no flags on practice green; short game area open;
cups are reversed.

1st time on Desert and I'm liking it. It has a Coyote Springs Lite vibe to it (different designers). Conditions are good, but not great. Tee boxes have some knobs, especially on the par 3s. Fairways were fast and firm, with no hardpan or thin areas. Rough was about 1 inch, a little thicker/longer around the greens. Sand, a bit hard and heavy, which doesn't fit the design; there's some small deep bunkers that are impossible with the current setup. The greens. How I want to love the greens, but they were on the medium speed side with some bumps. Practice green was faster.

Staff was great. Easy check in. Friendly starter. Only saw the drink cart once, as she was working both courses, luckily it was around 9. Cart barn guys/girls at the end of the round to drive your cart back from the parking lot if you wish.

This course has such great bones/potential. It's a Fazio design for $65 when the other Fazios courses in Vegas start at $500. It was the only course open for a couple of weeks, but now there's plenty of tee times available. I loved the course, trying not to say it's better than Lakes (recency bias) but they're pretty equal. Wish it was about $20 less right now considering the 1 hour drive for me.
Played AP Palm on Friday, 5/8. I made a 2:15 tee time and paid using the app, $49 OB Card rate. As a pre-paid, just had to stop in the pro shop and grab the receipt, then grab a cart and head out. Started about 10 minutes late (no starter sending anyone) but finished in 3:15 as a single, following a tons of 4somes, so no where to go anyways. I sat back and played on my phone and camera.

Minimal staff interaction. Walk up window for the restaurant, on course snack bars and drink carts until 4. Nevada restaurants are allowed to open starting 5/9 with 50% occupancy, so may be some changes.

Course is in outstanding shape. Lush everywhere. Rough was up, about 2 inches and penal. Bunkers are raked every morning, so they were kinda crusty in spots. Only nitpicking complaints: greens are slower than normal, lessens some of the breaks I was expecting.

Some C19 changes at AP: single person carts (unless same household); walking is allowed; range is open but limited spaces; no flags on putting greens; Palm had pool noodles in the cups (Mountain had reversed cups, I don't know if they changed all over to the noodle); No Twilight Rates (a year ago, this round was $20-25).

Palm is my go-to for a fun round on a shorter course (5800 yds from the blues). 1 day I will eagle the par 5 11th, 3 inches short today.
Played on Friday, 5/1, first day back open for Nevada courses after being closed for about 5 weeks. Paid $49 with the OB Card, which is the normal rate for this time. Teed off on time at 12:20 as a 3 (2 single carts, 1 walker), and finished just over 3 hours later. Tee times are 10 minute intervals and we never waited the entire round.

Kudos to the staff for a trouble free experience under the new conditions. Pro shop helped me a lot after our 4th canceled 2 hours prior to tee with the round pre-paid. Cart guys cycled the carts through the wash and back out on a very busy day.

C19 adjustments: no assistance with clubs (find a cart and go); only 1 allowed in pro shop at a time (not needed if you pre-paid); single riders (unless same household) or you can walk; putting green is open but no flags; driving range was open and spaced out (no carts allowed at the range); restaurant/bar interior closed, but can use walk up window and no chairs/tables on the patio; carts have been stripped of coolers and divot bottles; on course snack bar and restrooms open; drink cart on the course.

Of course the course was in great shape after 5 weeks of no play. Tee boxes have grown in and no signs of divots. Fairways were lush and carpet like, they added a small 1st cut before the thick and gnarly rough. There's a chance of losing your ball if you didn't see where it went in. Bunkers were ok, no rakes, but if you were the first in the area you found it crusty, if you followed, the crust was broken and the sand was a little fluffy. The greens looked spectacular but were the slowest I've seen outside of coming back from being aerified.

Overall, perfect day in perfect conditions. Good to be back out.
Played on 2/28 as the 1st course of a weekend Vegas buddies trip. Teed off a few minutes ahead of our 12:50 tee time. There was a slight back up on 6, but course moved along and the back 9 opened up. Finished right about 4 hours. An absolute joy from bag drop to the 19th hole.

Course was in immaculate conditions. Level, damage free tee boxes. Lush fairways with some nice afternoon run. Rough is still dormant, but green is starting to peak through. Bunkers were in good shape with plenty of medium heavy sand. Greens were awesome and FAST.

Service was what is expected from a high end resort course. We pulled up right behind a group of 12, all wearing Loudmouth (awesome!) outfits and doing parking lot shots. The attendant stopped by our car after we dropped our bags, asked our names, and our bags were off the rack before we walked in. Enjoyed some pre-round food and post round drinks in the bar/grill. The outside staff is probably my favorite, just friendly and chatty.

Easily my favorite Vegas course, and the 1st I recommend when anyone visiting asks "Where should I play?" Conditions are always great, nice views, and the back 9 is such a blast.
Played on Saturday, 2/29, with a noon tee time, $55, as the second round of a buddies trip which was staycation for me. We arrived at the course a little early to have their awesome breakfast burrito (to counteract the Vegas nights) only to find the bar/grill closed to a private function and an outdoor grill with hot dogs/hamburgers set up. Not the same. It was a jam-packed tee sheet and we finished in over 4:30 waiting on lots of shots, and sometimes double stacked on tee boxes.

Course is in good shape with the dormant Bermuda rough and green fairways. Greens were pretty smooth and medium fast. Bunkers were ok.

Between the 2 courses here, Concord is my favorite. Fun holes, better views, and probably the best finishing hole in Vegas: the ultra downhill par-5 that gives a decent shot at eagle to even the short hitters.
Played 3/6 with John T and joined by a single for a 6:40 tee time. We were sent out about 10 minutes early, caught the 3 in front of us around 10, and finished right around 3 hours.

Course is in great shape heading into the busy March Madness season. Fairways were lush and starting to run out. The rough is still pretty low, about 1", not very penal and not stopping the ball from running into water or arroyo. Bunkers have been consistent since they changed the sand out last year. Greens were spectacular, smooth, and running at a near fast speed.

AP always peaks in March and April and worth the trip.
Played on 3/6 with a tee time just before noon. $58 with the Players Card. Easy check in, carts are tagged and waiting at the bag drop, and starter takes you out to the 1st tee (its a bit of a drive) a few minutes early.

Course is in great condition. Tee boxes are dormant Bermuda spray painted green, it just looks funny but doesn't affect play. Fairways are lush and emerald green, just carpet like. Rough is up and gnarly, easily 2-3 inches and thick. Greens are firm and pretty fast. I always have a hard time reading and gauging the greens here. Only complaint about the conditions would be the bunkers. They have worked on a few, but there's still a number of them with the liner showing and the left side of #8, had more rocks than the surrounding desert area.

It was a busy day and we finished around 4:20 or so. Drink cart was around about 3 times, wished it was a bit more.

The club has all new carts, with GPS and the Shark entertainment system, with bluetooth speakers and they are awesome. Huge upgrade over the carts of the last few years. When it comes to the speakers, volume control is a simple 1-5 and the speakers are pointed into the cart. At "2," it can only be heard in the cart. At "3", you can hear it about 4 feet away, and not on the tee boxes in most cases. "4" is playing for everyone and loud inside the cart, and I never turned up to 5.

Arroyo may not be a destination course, but is worth it if looking for a break in Vegas.
Played on Saturday, 1/18, at 10ish with John_T and paired up with a couple from Canada. Paid $59 with the Arroyo/Siena card. The typical slow Saturday round on a nice Vegas golf day, finished in about 4:30.

First time I've played here in the dead of winter, my past rounds have been in spring and summer. Conditions did not disappoint. Fairways and rough completely re-seeded, with lush fairways and some gnarly thick rough. If you hit in the rough you were searching for it, the ball will sink down. Greens were smooth and relatively fast, I've always found the greens here in great shape. It looks like they've done some work on the bunkers, I only noticed the liner poking through in one of the bunkers on 3. Sand was like a light desert sand, with some decent depth but still with the pebbles. The tees are dormant Bermuda sprayed green to match the course. Nothing that changes the play.

Extras: Food and Beverages prices are some of the best in Vegas, everything is a few bucks under the typical golf course price. The range is included and full grass. Only issue is getting to it, as you drive between the private course's #1 and the range. I'm always skittish as you see all the range balls along the path. Practice green by the clubhouse is nice, but it runs faster than the course. The carts, well, at least they have four wheels and carry the clubs. I'm always amazed by the quality of the carts for a higher end course, and have joked they were "hand me downs" from the big brother private course, without the GPS and speakers. Today, apparently they were borrowed from some other courses as their fleet is breaking down. Definitely not a deal breaker, just a surprise.

I love Arroyo. It's a fun course with a chance to score or get your butt kicked.
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