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This was the last course we played for our golf group outing. Rack rate was $125 but given a discount because tee boxes were being aerated. It was a windy day when we played.

This course has a lot of up and down elevation. Some target golf as some fairways had some cervices that separated the fairways. Greens were in good condition and did hold shots when landed properly. Fairways were nice and lush and rough was cut higher but not penalizing. The greenside bunkers were compacted red sand. Cart GPS was very hard to read as it had a very small screen and only read distance to pin.

Overall I would rate this course at a $75 rack rate not $125. Staff were very friendly. For those who play the Inland Empire, I would compare this course to the likes of Hidden Valley.
This was course #2 in our golf group outing in the St. George area. It had the best scenery, especially through the back nine. Course conditions it came in #2 behind Black Desert. Rack rate was $125.

The course is a links style course with wide open fairways and nice greens. Tall thick grass beyond the rough made it difficult to find your ball if you landed there. Greens did not hold your shots and were fast. Most of us landed short and rolled it up to the green. Course was nice and green throughout. Greenside bunkers contained slightly compacted white sand but still easy to hit out off. Carts had GPS showing distances to all shots. Hole#16 Par 5 tees were moved up due to construction reducing it to only 380 yards.

Staff were very friendly and knowledgeable. Restaurant and clubhouse were very nice and served good food.
Played 3 courses in the St. George area with a large group outing this week. We were charged a $280 green fee, which was an increase of $30 from January. We were provided bag tags with our names engraved, free food from the taco truck, free unlimited refreshments and a forecaddie (tips not included in rack rate). Free range balls in the great practice area. Course has plans to go private and for resorts guests only in the future.

The course is in pristine condition. From the tees, fairways, roughs, traps and greens. You can literally putt from the fairway to the green. Landed in some green side bunkers which contained fluffy white sand. The layout of the course was challenging but not difficult. However, if you hit your ball into the lava rock area, consider it lost. Also, we had to play with 22 mph gusts. Carts are equipped GPS that provide a short narrative of hole layout. The forecaddie was very helpful with where to hit on the course and how to align your putts. He earned a great tip from each player in our foursome. We saw the cart girl 3 times during our round providing the free snacks and refreshments. All the staff members we encountered were very friendly and professional.

Unfortunately, there are some cons to this course at this time. The course is in the middle of a construction zone as they are rapidly building a resort and homes around the course. So, there was a lot of dust clouds with all the trucks driving around the area. Our bags became dusted with dirt. There is no clubhouse and the proshop/checkin is situated in a small trailer. The taco truck staff were not that friendly and appeared to be disgruntled when you placed an order. The truck left the course way before we all finished, and players will have to share the truck with all the construction workers which created long lines. No food at the turn since you do not go by the taco truck, so you will have to settle with potato chips and candy for refreshments. No alcohol but they do allow you to bring your own.

My overall review is that at this time it is pricey for all the construction noise, flying dust and food situation. Maybe closer to the $200 level right now. Will I play it again in the future? Yes, but maybe once the construction is completed.
Played on Monday. The course's greens were aerated just a week ago and are still very sandy and bumpy. I would wait at least three weeks to play here as there are no special pricings for the greens conditions. So if you don't mind where your putts go, then you're okay. The rest of the course is in very good condition.
Played this course yesterday and wanted to update playing conditions. Greens were punched a couple of weeks ago. The greens are still very bumpy and putts will not roll true. Possibly at least a week or two before the greens completely heal.
Overall the fairways, rough and tee boxes are the best I have seen them in awhile as they are green and lush. Only disappointment are the bunkers. Most bunkers are unplayable due to water runoff damage, causing large trenches in the bunkers. The bunkers are nonexistent of sand and are highly compact. Another issue are the carts are highly governed in their speed which can slow pace of play. POPwas around 4.5 hours. Staff members are nice and personable. The restaurant is a great after game stop as they have very good food.
Played Wednesday morning. Checked in with no mention that some of the greens were being sanded and no discounted green fees due to the conditions. Some greens were thin and heavily sanded. Greenside bunkers appear to have sand but is hardpan underneath. Fairways have grown back and are better than I have seen it .
I would wait to play here until maybe a month for the greens to get settled. Not worth full rack rate at this time.
Played on wednesday. The course is very green due to all the rain. Fairways are the best I've seen it in awhile. Rough is pretty thick and you have to power through yo get your ball out. Greens were aerated in early March. No visible holes but still had sand. Balls held and rolled true at a medium speed. POP was 4.5 hours.
Played here yesterday and wanted to update the current conditions. The course aerated the greens and appeared to have done some of the fairways. It has been 2 weeks since the aerification. The greens still have visible holes and sand on them. Greens are still bumpy. I think it will take about 2 weeks more for the course to be in top condition.
It's been over a year since I've played this course due to the price increase and due to the prior reviews. Went out early Wednesday prior to a men's group. POP was just slightly under 4 hours.

So, the course conditions were so-so. Greens have been repaired but some were still thin, and you can see where they repairs were done. The greens that were replaced were different than the original ones and rolled different. Greenside bunkers had sand but were compacted down. The worst part of the course was the fairways. The fairway had splotches of different grasses. Not worth the current rack rates at this time.
Had the opportunity to play today. Found out that it was cart path only and the course has not been mowed since the rains started.

The rough was thick and hard to hit out of. Also your ball was hard to locate in the rough. Fairways were almost as thick as the rough and your ball would stop where it landed, no roll at all.

Greens were slow due not being cut.

I would have wished that the course would've given a discounted green fee due to the course conditions. Would have not played and payed full price if I knew the conditions prior to playing. Made for a long day.
Played here on Monday. They aerated the greens several weeks ago and they are the best I have seen them lately. Rest of the course is typical of summer conditions. Some bare spots on rough and fairways. Greenside bunkers are compacted sand. Still a fun course to play for a decent price.
Played yesterday with a POP of 4.5 hours. Front nine was slow due to a group playing from the wrong tees. Finally started moving after the Player Assistant spoke to them. Greens have healed nicely since being aerated. Greens were med/fast. Players need to fix their divots, as I had to repair at least 3 divots on each green. The rest of the course conditions are typical of summer conditions. Still can't figure out why #11 is still cart path only. Traps still compacted dirt.
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