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Had the opportunity to play this course yesterday after being invited by a friend. The course hidden in a nice community off the 76 near the 15 freeway.

Upon arrival you are greeted with friendly staff at the clubhouse and given directions to the amenities. Ran into some members who were very helpful with course tips.

Played the Blue tee but some holes are rated blue/black tees. Greens were nice and held shots. Their appearance was deceiving as hey looked quick but rolled slow. Fairways were nice and green, some were tight. Bunkers were tamped down sand and were hard.

So some of the holes had some weird layouts. Like #7 was a 45 degree dog leg left uphill. Hole #9 was a a beautiful elevated tee onto a tight fairway below. #13 was a blind shot downhill which required you to push a stop light when you leave the tee and to push it again when you leave the landing area. #14 was another elevated tee which was a either played as a par 3 or 4 depending on which tee box you used, also requiring you to use another stop light. #18 was a nice long par 5.

Course knowledge is a must. Enjoyable but some holes did not make sense.
First time playing Torrey Pines today. Was hoping to play the South Course but we were only able to get a tee time for the North. I was excited to play the course as I was told that the course is fabulous. Drove close to an hour and half to get to course from the O.C.

Staff was friendly, especially the starter. They are strict on starting on time, which we did as the course gets packed. POP was 4 hours as we teed off early.

Tee boxes were okay but the par three boxes were somewhat beaten up. Fairways were green and provided a decent roll. Some fairways were cart path only, which didn't make sense. Roughs were being cut as we played. Balls stuck if you landed on the rough. Greenside bunkers provided lots of sand and easy to get out of. Greens had a lot of divot damage visible and were hard as concrete. Balls would not hold on the greens, but they rolled true.

So is the green fees worth the course? If your a San Diego resident, Yes. If your a non-resident, No. Its a municipal course charging resort fees, just because of the views. I have played many resort courses with superb conditions for half the greens fees charged here. I also don't understand the extra fees to book a tee time 7 days out. Checked course of the list, but no interest in going back.
First time playing this course yesterday. Country Club name is deceiving, as it more like a Muni course. Not a country club feel as clothing requirement is very laxed, saw golfers dressed in T-Shirts.

Green fees should be more like $30's not $40's. Lots of mature trees surrounding the fairways, so if you land in the trees not an easy out. Some quirky holes with power lines crossing the fairways. One in are group hit the lines. Also hole #9 has a power pole blocking the green. Sprinklers were left on, so players had to wait for sprinklers to cycle before hitting balls.

Greens had mini aeration marks. Greens were slow due to aeration and slightly bumpy. Hitting exactly to the greens is a must as short shots bounced back due to kikuya grass surrounding greens. Fairways were decent no bare spots. Some fairways were narrow. finishing Hole #18 was a par 3, only 2nd course I've played with a Par 3 finish.
Late review. Played here on Monday the 8th for the first time. Check in was easy. Still 1 person per cart. GPS on my cart was not working, but luckily we played with someone that has knowledge of the course.

The course conditions were very good. Greens rolled true, but fast. Some of the greens were challenging as they are narrow and small. Fairways were nice and green. Sand traps contained sand but they need to be tilled as sand was hard. Fun course to play.

POP was 4 hours. On site food facilities were open for service.
Played this course for the very first time, using the Underpar special. Overall the course is in very good condition. Greens rolled true but fast. Fairways were green and sand traps contained enough sand to play out of them. Check in was fast and POP was 4 hours.

The only reason that I may not play this course again is the layout of the course. Hole #1 has a large tree in the middle of the fairway, really? Hole #8 GPS shows green on the left when it's actually to the right. Not that much level ground on the course. Your either hitting uphill or downhill. Hole#12 has a dogleg left then uphill to the green, with a extremely sloped green???? Too many hole with a dogleg left or right.

Course knowledge is a must to play this course.
Played yesterday. It was a hot grueling 5 hour round. Started at the tee box with with no starter moving groups along. Started to stack up at the 4th hole by three groups. Waited at almost every tee.

No face mask needed and no single carts afforded for our group.

The course is starting to see some dry areas due to the heat. Some of the greens are showing browning especially on the edges. The rest of the course is decent.
Played yesterday after 10am. Check in was easy, credit cards only. Practice range is open. Able to to tee off 5 minutes before scheduled tee time. They were short on carts, so we rode in pairs.

Course overall was in very good condition. Best green conditions I have seen for this course. There were some tee boxes that were rough, especially the par 3s. Long Par 5 on hole 8 shortened due to original tee box being repaired, so tee box moved on other side of water hazard, making it possible to reach green in 2 shots.

POP was about 4.5 hours. Started to bunch up at the 4th hole, no marshall on the course. Pace quickened after the 9th hole.

The snack shop was open, but CC only with mandatory 15% Tip added.
Had the opportunity to play yesterday. Groups are space 12 minutes apart, and players are not allowed to check in until 12 minutes before their tee time. Range and practice greens are closed. Course restrooms are closed except for the 9th hole.

Somewhat windy. Course was in good condition, especially the greens. They rolled true, some were medium some were slow. Some greenside bunkers are being repaired, and being refilled with sand. Some bunkers had grass growing. Water hazards are full. Some sections of fairways have been re-sodded.

Overall good experience. Staff as always is great.
Played here on 5/4. First day where carts were being used. Course was busy, but pace was good, finished in 4 hours. Only waited on the 16th hole. They are spacing groups 10 minutes apart. 1 person per cart, additional $15 to walking rate.

Course is in very good condition. Some rough were thick, so it did take a little looking to find your ball. Sand was decent. Greens were the nicest I have seen them. Rolled true and were med-fast.

One thing to note. All tee times are online and non-refundable. So no cancellation at this time per pro shop. So no show and you still have to pay, even with a 24 hour notice.
Had the opportunity to play Dos Lagos today. Jumped on their website as soon as I heard the courses in Riverside County were re-opening. Got lucky and was able to grab a tee time for a foursome. All tee times were booked for the next couple of days within several hours of announcement.

Arrived several minutes before our tee time. Face Mask are required, single rider only per cart or same households can ride together. Tee times are spaced further apart. They were booked solid all the way to 6pm.

Overall the condition of the course is very good. Greens still has mini holes from aerification but it didn't affect the way the ball rolled, except the greens were slow-med speed. Bunkeres did not have rakes and the sand was tamped down, so not fluffy. Pins are left in the cups and a sleeve is inserted so the ball does not completely fall in.

Golf game was off but just glad to finally head out for a game. As always great staff. And Kudos to course management for not price gouging the rates as some courses are doing right now.
Played today and agree with the prior review. I did enter some of the fairway bunkers, they did contain decent sand and I was able to get out of them fairly easy. The only difference between last review and mine was that the greens were lightly sanded and did affect the balls speed a little. Greens should be in top condition in about 2 weeks once the sand settles. POP was slightly over 4 hours.
WARNING: I would like to mirror the prior reviewers comments about the course conditions. The greens were just aerated and sanded. NO mention of this when we booked our tee times last friday on the website. NO mention when we checked in at the pro desk and NO mention of it by the Starter.

You would think they would have said something or offered a discount rate. NO THEY CHARGED FULL PRICE.. SHAME.

I would not play this course for at least 2 weeks and hopefully you read this prior to playing this week.
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