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Out 1:30, 7/17 as a twosome joined by a single. I like this course but rarely get out to play here, so it was a nice treat for a mid-week round. Conditions are very good. No problems with the teeing grounds to start. Fairways were more consistently grown in with some cushion than any I've played in a while. They set up well. Where grass, the rough was well grown in and the ball could sit down bit and cost you. Otherwise there are extensive areas of wood chips and some bare spots to contend with. I was happy to miss the bunkers here, which are dramatically shaped, tending to be deep and nasty. The sand seemed fine but I observed a lack of follow-up raking that left a fair amount of footprints — lazy or PO'd golfers not cleaning up. Green surrounds were good for short game and the greens were very nice. They didn't give up pitch marks easily but neither did they seem overly firm. Reasonably quick but not as fast as the previous review. Some of the greens a have a lot of slope and too fast could get stupid quickly, so I found them challenging but very fair.

Pace was about 4.5 hours and we had smoke and ash blowing our way for about an hour due to the Newbury fire before they knocked it down. I usually walk but this course has enough hills I rode for a change. Props to the middle-aged single with us who walked with his cart, but he was obviously beat up by the end. The course is in very nice shape with an interesting variety of challenges. Definitely recommended.
Ran over to get a quick nine in Thursday, 7/11 @3:00, because the heat had backed off from the previous day's high. Course conditions overall are as per usual with one exception. They are resting the tee boxes and markers are almost all bunched well forward or occasionally off to a side. Otherwise the fairways are good, greens ran medium and gave up pitch marks easily and the bunker I was in had pretty decent sand although they all need raking. More interesting and challenging than your usual nine-holer, I always enjoy coming here for a change of pace. Also got to hear music floating over from the Greek most of the round.
Teed off Friday 6/28 as a twosome joined by a single around 11:50. This place is reviewed often enough so I'll be brief. Overall good conditions. The bunkers tend to be firm, sometimes bordering on hard. The rough is good, mostly not too severe but definitely thicker in some places than usual. The greens had a nice level of quickness to them and mostly performed well. The exceptions were a few greens, starting with the sixth, that had some kind of blight on at least a portion, but was mostly avoidable when present. Due to an underlying softness, the greens generally had an uncharacteristic amount of pitch mark scarring and sometimes required repair work on your line. Mostly cosmetic, they were still enjoyable to putt on. Anything not specifically mentioned, (tees, fairways, etc.) were all good. Busy and seeming to start out a little slow, we actually got around in a little over four hours. Atypical minor issues aside, it was quite enjoyable.
Played Friday, 6/7 as a twosome joining a young couple, teeing off from the whites @1:00. I usually find the conditions here as good or better than most munis and it held true. There are some tee boxes with a bit of tilt to them but nothing too bad and most are level. Coverage around the course for both fairways and rough is pretty consistently green, with the fairways cut to a nice length and rough being generally playable. I was in one bunker, the ball sat on the surface although the sand was not actually overly firm. Sand quality is OK. The green surrounds presented well for short game and the greens ran a quick end of medium with minimum marks and a good surface.

The course was busy and we got around in about five hours that didn't seem quite that long due to the mostly steady pace. A steady 1-club breeze through the day that kept it from getting overly warm. There was woman in charge of organizing the carts and starts that would have put us out immediately if we hadn't wanted to hit warmup and stick to our original time. She was working hard all day to keep everything moving, which was nice to see and she deserves props. This was our first look at the new clubhouse. Good to see it up and running. Aesthetically, I found the interior a bit cold, but the food and golf services were all operating smoothly. The course has a couple of quirky holes (which I don't mind) but is a mostly solid layout is set in a very scenic foothill setting. Definitely recommended.
Out Friday with a buddy and a single for a 1:33 start, teeing up on the whites. Pretty good experience overall and the course is in good shape. Teeing grounds are mostly level and more green than not, with a few minor exceptions. Fairways are in good shape. Rough varies from lush to thinner to some dirt areas but is much more good than not. I only hit one bunker which was firm-ish but good. Mostly I found good lies in the green surrounds for short game and the greens are in nice shape, running the quick side of medium, firm and generally resistant to pitch marks.

For a Friday afternoon most surprising was the pace. We got around in a leisurely 4.5 hrs, with only brief delays on a couple of par 3's, otherwise mostly open shots ahead and never pressed from behind. Kudos to the mixed foursome ahead of us who moved efficiently when not impeded from the front. Service here is friendly enough and they seem to run it pretty efficiently. Recommended.
Played yesterday/Friday as a single joining a threesome teeing off at 1:00. By muni standards the course is in mostly good shape. Teeing grounds here are large, level and had good coverage. Fairways are mixed grasses but mostly green and cut, offering good lies with the rare exception of the patch where the dirt is revealing itself. Rollout was good. The rough is rarely overly thick or long and frequently plays much like the fairways with little penalty. I missed the bunkers but noticed grass/weeds frequently growing in them. Areas around the greens were good for short game and the greens are in good shape running around medium. Nice enough young guys, but our pace was about 4.5 hrs and with open holes in front of us could have easily been faster if the threesome was a little less distracted with their phones/food/pot and more pace conscious.

Flat, wide, and forgiving, I had my moments and enjoyed it. They have a beer special that if you ask at check in, they'll stamp your score card. Show it with your receipt at the bar afterwards and get a Corona for a buck.
I met two of my sisters for brunch at Penmar 5/10 and it worked out well. They enjoyed the ambiance and they found the food was unexpectedly good. As they were leaving I put my name on the waitlist and about a half hour later I was on the tee. It was convenient so I wasn't overly concerned about the fact that the greens are still in waffle-iron, sand-filled-holes recovery mode. Despite that, the greens putted reasonably true if you could manage to figure out the rate at which your putt would die out. Not what you are typically looking for, but not so bad as a spur of the moment fix of a round. Otherwise, the course played well but visually reflects a bit of the heavy traffic it gets. Some of the tees were spare, albeit level, but using a tee makes the scruffiness less relevant. The bunkers were decent sand but a collection of footprints that complicated your lie. Fairways and rough were good. It worked out well for me, but if you are just going on conditions, the greens will need a couple of weeks before the sandy holes are remnants and the green speed is closer to normal.

Worth mentioning is the non-golf aspect of this place. I unexpectedly found an attended mini bar and snack station on the fifth tee (Monday through Saturday, I believe). The updated cafe has become quite the magnet with an interesting, well prepared menu and a lot of outdoor seating — a bit hipster with a hint of gastropub. The patio has been extended parallel to the left side of the first tee and a permanent stage is set there for evening entertainment. I finished sometime around 5:00 and the setting up for additional food and drink stations around the putting green, starter shack and cafe area was significant. A band was already playing to the crowd beginning to assemble inside the gates. With the arriving security and more guests lining up outside, it had the feel of a genuine, if small, concert event. What was once upon a time a quiet, if always busy, nine holes with a simple cafe, has become quite the local scene on certain evenings. This Saturday night is headphone disco night, so there you go.
I played 5/3 with a 2:30 start, the day after 24hourgolf so I'm just going to add a couple of comments to his review. Pretty much in agreement with his take, the only exception being the greens. A day can make a difference and since he played AM and I played PM, I think the better part of two days did. I didn't find the greens soft. And while they can get quicker here, they were running at what I consider a nice reasonably quick pace. I assume the pace will be increasing with time. Bottom line, the course is in nice shape right now.

A side note on service: it's consistently good here — pleasant and well organized. When I was paying up with Julius, I asked for a hand cart and he threw it in at no cost. Seems like a small thing but I appreciated the unexpected gesture and felt appreciated as a customer.
Out Friday at 2:00pm as a twosome. Overall playing conditions were mostly good and consistent, teeing grounds through the fairways. An obvious exception is a big sandy/dirt swath crossing the first and 18th fairways that seems to be a permanent feature for the time being. On the first, it is in the landing zone and my buddy ended up in it. He dropped on the grass just short of it rather than play out of it. On the 18th, a decent shot will fly the patch and it is less of an issue. Rough is most often quite playable with some deeper sections and some dirt patches to be found. Bunkers were clean but firm with a fairly shallow, looser top layer. The greens were on the quick side and reasonably recovered, but there is a consistent residual bumpiness throughout. I'd say not enough to dissuade one from playing here as they were reasonably true and they will continue to improve, but be advised.

Service was good and we could have launched 20 minutes early, but we stuck to our original time. Most surprising was the pace, which was just a touch over four hours — a nice change of pace for a course that tends to be fairly busy with commensurate slowdowns, so don't expect it. Honestly not one of my favorite local courses, so I only get here about once a year, but objectively and for those who like it or are curious, recommended.
Out as a single joining a two-some for 1:22 start on Friday, 4/12. Not disputing 24hourgolf's recent review but we had slightly different experiences. In this case he is the earlier morning guy while I'm early afternoon. As to overall conditions, the course is in pretty good shape. Playing the whites, the teeing grounds were level and covered with the par threes a bit more worked, which is to be expected. Fairways are green and in good shape and the rough mostly green and playable. The bunkers were on the firm side, with the ball tending to perch, not leaving much depth to footprints, but with enough give to be fair play. Areas surrounding greens were mostly good for short game although the fairway lies close to the green were frequently tight for chipping. The greens were pretty clean and short on pitch marks, running on the quick side. I've seen them a little faster but overall they are as good as it gets here.

The service was friendly and they made the effort to avoid having me go out as a random single when a scheduled threesome didn't show up. I snagged some leftover balls on the range for an abbreviated warm up and it's not uncommon to find some left as players advance to the first tee. Worth checking before buying a bucket. Where I tend to corroborate 24hourgolf is on pace. It was something around five hours but that is a number that can feel a little quicker if the pace is sluggish but consistent. On the day it was more impactful because of the erratic nature of it. For example, get through the first three holes with no issue and then a three group pause at the par-3 fourth. Better pace after that until another pile up on the par-3 eighth. Same for the par-3 12th. Too much opportunity to sit and get stiff but we're talking about Friday afternoon. I usually find the pace here better distributed and get around in about 4.75 for less. So know what you might be in for, but I enjoy the course and still recommend it, especially as to current conditions.
Out today, 3/19, as a threesome teeing off round 1:40 and playing the whites. Course was in all around good shape. Teeing grounds had no issues, the fairways are tight but fine for play unless you are a heavy divot striker. With very tight chipping from the fairway, I opted for putter as often as possible. Rollout is commensurate with the fairway firmness. By contrast the rough is grown in to a good, playable length — occasionally a bit deeper and thicker. It's not one of those paces with minimal difference between fairway and rough. I missed the bunkers but they seemed clean and my partners had mixed results. The greens were clean, a nice quick pace, and the surrounding areas a good length for short game.

Nice day on the warmish side, the pace was slow and we got around in just about five hours even. That was probably the only conspicuous negative and otherwise we all enjoyed the course and the round. No cart service but good options at the turn and a nicer than usual clubhouse bar. Recommended.
Got out Thursday 2/29 as single joining another single. Not too much to elaborate on. The course is in overall very clean condition — clean, green and mown with not a bare or brown spot in sight. Bunkers were a little firm but good — raked with no footprints. Rough was consistent and generally playable. The greens were very good and firm, barely giving up any pitch marks and running true at a quick but not touchy speed.

It was coincidence that I was up from Altadena and my playing partner was up from Pasadena. He was good company and our games were similarly frustrating. We got around in something like 4:15 with no pressure. Whenever I review the course I mention it is not my favorite in its generally very straightforward layout, but the conditions and general views of the area give it a bump and it fit my itinerary. I enjoyed it. Hanging out afterwards on their patio and drinking a beer while the late afternoon sun warmed up the mountain views made for a nice finish to the day. One could do a lot worse.
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