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Have to agree in large part with the last review. Not the greatest course around, but I really enjoy it. The tee boxes are in great shape. The tees are moved up right now, so the course plays just a little short. The greens look great other than most of them have this odd lined marking on them- does not affect the surface. The greens are hard, and can be fast, but playing in the AM they are wet enough. Approach shots that may normally "stick" roll out a little bit here. The staff working the early mornings are wonderful! Here's the thing- the fairways are the rootiest I have ever been around. There are so many old pine and other trees, and their roots run well into the fairways at times. The fairways are green right now, and a bit firm, but the lies are ok, as long as you don't end up next to one of many roots. The course itself is as the prior post said- very linksy, and if you want to practice bump & runs and long running shots, the course is good for that (as long as your ball doesn't bounce off a root...). The best parts are the rates, the personnel, the tee boxes and the greens. If the folks running the course could just do something to thin out some of the roots, then maybe people, especially high handicappers who might end up in the trees, would enjoy more. This course has a great warm up offering, with a putting green, pitching green, small pitch/chip target green, and a driving range. The atmosphere is very quiet. It's just something about the roots that gets me., especially when walking.
Played with Don & Adrian, was a pleasure. Don was personally responsible for building many of the rock retaining walls on the course back in the 80's, he really knows the course! As usual, staff is awesome, all in nice shape. They did have the tee markers shifted to where the course played a little short, but not too bad. Hole 13 par 4 has an alternate lower location tee box right now, which really changes the view from the tee. Only one complaint, and it is nothing to do with the course- one of the groups in front of us had a sunflower seed eater, and he or she was spitting the shells on the greens... Really enjoyed the course conditions. Some of the tee boxes are a little uneven, but you can definitely find level ground if you look. Good day overall.
Ok, my true feelings- I'm loving this course, especially the back 9, I want to tell you it is in poor shape to keep you away so it won't get beat up, but can't do that. Seems like those who typically tear the course up (don't fix divots, don't fix pitch marks on greens) are either not showing up (HOORAY) or because the course is looking better maybe feel guilty and are actually being courteous (even better!). After the recent rains it's in nice shape, a couple of tee boxes are funky, but overall pretty nice. No issues with aeration- greens are healed. I'm also liking the positive attitude from the staff there, too- nice people!
Great day, great weather, nice course. Friendly staff- young lady behind the counter, Tom the starter, the bev cart person, and a roving marshall- al first class. Would consider this a placement course- you need to know where to place a ball for the second shot. The marshall actually gave us some "first time playing here" pointers, and the book in each cart helped a bit as well. Best part of the course? The tee boxes right now are pretty even, and appear to have been reseeded. The greens? Fast, at times a tough read so take your time looking putts over. Even on a busy Veteran's Day, the pace kept up pretty well. Would play again.
Played February 7th. First time visit, the course, to me, was in very nice shape. This is a a great walking course. Some very nice holes, mature trees, very comfortable feeling. Paired up with two regulars who were super nice people. Overall fun & challenging layout. One nice aspect- the sand traps I ended up in actually had sand, in decent shape. Employees generally very nice, the young guy behind the counter seemd to initially give us a hard time about reserving though Golf Now but seemed to get over it (not sure what his issue was). After round the bar is a bar, not much in the way of food, so it "forced" me into visiting Katella Deli. I'd definitely recommend & go back again.
Nice course in great shape right now. The folks behind the counter are patient & courteous, the snack bar's service & food is wonderful. The greens are pretty consistent, ran into a couple that for some reason were a lot slower than the others. Super good value, I enjoy playing this course. Only negative, and it's minor- tee boxes are not all level, and a few are pretty beat up. The course seems to recognize this a they are re-building a few of them. In the mornings, please watch your speed going in- San Dimas Sheriffs typically patrol San Dimas Canyon Rd & Terrabone.

San Dimas Canyon Golf Course Review
San Dimas California Golf Course Reviews
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The guys in the pro shop ar great. The marshals are also awesome- nice folks. The head greenskeeper, Mark, is something of a refined Carl Spackler- he's a great guy with a tremendous golf background, really knows his stuff, and has the place in great playing shape. Pace of play is also very good, but you'll occasionally, like all courses get behind a slow moving older group. Back 9 is a blast- very challenging and varying. Oh- great breakfast burritos! Only nit pick I could think of is that it seems some people playing the course may be kings and queens, as it appears they expect their royal court (or someone who actually cares) to repair their ball marks on the green. Oh, and watch out for the LA county fair freak that shows up on the back chipping green early mornings when the fair is going on- he likes hitting balls off railings and hitting shots from the chipping area into the 18th fairway.

Mountain Meadows Golf Course Review
Pomona California Golf Course Reviews
Great course to walk- hilly, but in very good condition. The greens staff are serious about keeping the course in good playing condition. Compared to other public courses for the same cost, this place is a gem. The head greenskeeper is fanatical about conditions, and has made a big difference in the overall quality of play. For me, hole 13 is awesome- 200 yd par 3, with an amaizing view if you stop to take the time & enjoy.
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