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Played on 9/8 at 9am. Course was wide open and only a handful of golfers out. My buddy and I played in about 3 hours flat.

It was hot and strangely very humid on this morning. The Mountain course is always a fun and challenging layout.

The summer conditions and heat waves have been apparent on the course, as there are parts of the greens and some areas of the course that are burned out.

- The black tee boxes had some minor leveling issues but good coverage.
- Fairways had good coverage and were good for summer, though far from their pristine winter condition.
- Rough was good and not overly penal, with sporadic areas of deep stuff that mowers can't get to.
- Sand traps were in very good condition, including the waste areas.
- Greens were a bit of a disappointment. They were very firm, often not showing ball marks, but running quite slow. The edges were burned out, but the rolls held their lines, if you could get the ball to the hole.

PGA West courses have some great warmup and practice areas, and the La Quinta Resort courses are no different. Staff was great.

Recommended, especially for the current summer pricing.
Good news. This course has been open for a week or so.

I played today 6/10/20 at about 9am. The only Covid related measures they seem to be taking at the moment are requiring a mask to go in the pro shop. After that, everything else around the course is normal.

Driving range is open and in great shape.

Practice putting green is open and has the normal cups with normal small flags. This is also true for the course. Regular flags and cups in play. It felt like I had to reach so low to get my ball without a pool noodle in there!

I played the green tees which are the tips. This course isn’t overly long, at 6,700 yards for a par 72, but the tips make a huge difference on maybe 3 or so holes, where one has to literally hike a trail back to the green tee box. Another note on layout is the fact this course has 12 par 4s, and then 3 par 5s and 3s.

On to what everyone cares about:
Conditions where great, and nearly immaculate. Tee to green, lush. Rough isn’t very penal at all but does help slow the ball from running into junk. I really enjoy this Clive Clark design.

Greens were in great shape and rolled medium and pure, with normal flags and cups as mentioned.

The sand traps were interesting. It appeared the course was trying to intentionally keep them damp, so the sand was quite heavy, though I didn’t have a problem playing from them. Rakes were out and along all traps, but I’m sure the hot June sun killed any virus outside, if there is still concern for it.

Overall it was a great day on a great course. It’s a steal at $39 midweek rack rate for summer that includes a first class warm up area and a cooler with ice and complimentary bottled water.
Played here 5/27/20 with a 7:54 tee time. The conditions are maybe the best in the desert area, as noted about a month ago from the prior review, and they haven't changed.

I won't go into much detail, because tee to green, including the sand and the rough, was almost immaculate. Greens were firm and rolling fairly fast. Very few ball marks due to the firmness. A couple of the pool noodles were a little high in the cups, but that's a minor issue. Pace of play was decent. We felt like we were waiting on most shots and most holes, but even with a 4some in front of us that looked like were all going to shoot over 100, we still finished in 4 hours.

Driving range and practice green were both open and in great shape.

Cart Girl- not available

As of the 5/27, they were allowing you to bring your own beverages onto the course. Also, the week of the 27th was extremely hot, so some conditions may have changed.
Played 36 holes here 5/19 and it was my first time at this track. Tee time was 9:03 and we played the first 18 in a little over 3 hours, so we played another 18 in a similar time.

I really enjoyed this course. There are elevation changes, doglegs, and water hazards that keep things challenging. Of specific note, most greens have this 3 or 4 leaf clover type shape. Sometimes this can result in the hole being some 50 yard difference between being in a front corner or a back corner, and each “leaflet” of the clover kind of acts like it’s own tiny green, so landing spots are small.

Overall the course is in good condition.

Tee boxes look nice, are flat, and have minimal damage.

Fairways are green but some areas have dry crabby spots.

The rough wasn’t too penal and was around 2 inches and consistent throughout.

Sand conditions were soft and good in the few green side bunkers I was in.

The greens were firm and rolled medium to medium fast and true. Some of the more undulated spots made for dicey downhill putts.

Customer service was good. Social distance measures were in place, but the practice range and practice putting green were open as well as the on course bathrooms, which was nice.

Recommended, especially with the Underpar deal currently offered.
First time playing here on Saturday 6/24 at 11am. Course was wide open with nobody in front or behind us the whole way.

Blue tee boxes were mostly level with good coverage and minimal divot damage.

Fairways were mix of lush and dry and firm, but not dried out, still green.

Rough was patchy in places. You could get a ball in a thin patch or in a thick, hard-to-find and hard-to-hit-from club-grabbing rough.

Sand was decent also. A little darker and heavier than I’d prefer, but it was consistent.

Greens were in good shape and recovered from any recent aeration but with a few signs of it having occurred. Rolled mostly true but were a little spongy. Held shots well and rolled medium or maybe a little slower.

Lots of elevation change, forced carries, some blind tee shots, and hard doglegs provided a good but fair challenge. Really made you think your way around the course. Several real fun holes I thought. No GPS in the carts or hole maps, so unless you play here a lot, my SwingbySwing GPS app on my phone really helped me out mapping out my shots for course layout.
Played Monday 6/11 at about 0830. Course was open and we played the front 9 in about 2 hours, the back 9 got backed up and we played in total in about 4:40.

Tee boxes were nice and above average. Good coverage without much divot damage and mostly flat lies.

Fairways were in good shape with good lies.

I was not in any greenside sand, but I did find myself in a fairway bunker. No complaints. My playing partner did complain of a firm lie in a greenside bunker.

Rough varies from thick and lush to moderate/fluffy.

Greens are nearly fully recovered from aeration. Practice green still shows the most from the aeration, but I had no complaints as the greens rolled pretty true with slightly faster than medium speed.

Recommended at this time.
Played Black Gold on Thursday late morning. Greens are recovering nicely from the aeration. First time playing this course and it was enjoyable and challenging. Lots of elevation change, forced carries, and it can be difficult to picture a good target/landing area off the tee.

Tee boxes were in good shape; level with minimal damage.

Fairways were also in good shape and running fairly firm, good coverage except for a couple of spots under repair.

Bunkers looked to be in excellent condition and the one I was in was a pleasure to play from.

Rough varied in length and could be fluffy providing decent lies or if your ball sinks down can be pretty penal.

Greens were aerated a couple weeks ago and although you could still see some evidence of the holes, they ran pretty quick and fairly true. I was told this was the first day they had cut them short again.

Enjoyable experience and I would play it again.
Played on Monday 3/27. Very similar to my Alondra review I just posted. Tee boxes are well covered and decent except for some clumpy-ness. Fairways are in good shape and the rough is too. Greens look pretty good and rolled about at a medium pace. Occasionally, there are some spots where you don't want to be above the hole, such as #5 and #6, because the downhill putts can be fast and not very true. Sand traps were nice and soft in the fairways and firm and hard greenside. Wish it was the opposite.

This was a twighlight round and the wind was up. Worth the money though.
Played twighlight on 3/23. Pace of play was brutally slow at first and then picked up. We barely finished in daylight.

Tee boxes were decent. Well covered and level but a little clumpy with some divot damage on par 3s.

Fairways were decent. Well covered and no bare spots. Good lies.

Rough is mostly crab-grass with some bare spots in some areas. Not too penal.

Greens look nice and have minimal damage. Only trouble (as is always the case with Alondra) is they are like putting on shag carpet. Incredibly slow and not very true.

It can get pretty windy in the afternoon and this day was no exception. Made holes such as 16 & 18 very tough.
Played on 6/1 as a single at about 8am and I got everything I'm accustomed to out of SilverRock:

Great warm up area with a large putting green that actually rolls identical to the course, a chipping/pitching area with bunkers, and a perfect range.

Staff was excellent as always.

I could go on and on about the quality of this course but it can be summed up like this: tee boxes, fairways, bunkers, rough, greens, are all in the 9-10 rating range. As previously mentioned, water does not seem to be an issue here.

This course is framed by the beautiful rock mountains from which it name is derived and provides about 6 sets of tees that stretch back to just under 7,600 from the tips where the pros played when it was a Bob Hope Classic course, including a combo set on the scorecard. The length can be very challenging, so for newcomers I recommend paying close attention to the tee length.

One of the best courses in the area.
Played Sunday 05/24 at 0830. I wasn't expecting much based on prior reviews, but I'll say I was pleasantly surprised. The course is a lot greener and more lush than previous reviews. Tee boxes were excellent. I could tell they've been recently renovated and they look great. The fairways are above average and were green with good coverage. The rough was decent and playable in most areas. The sand traps and bunkers had good quality sand from my experience, and the greens were fair. They seem to be healing well from maybe a recent aeration a month ago?

The course is a little gimmicky at times with some short sharp dog legs that force a 170 yard tee shot that leaves a 200 yard approach, but all in all enjoyable. Staff was great and the practice/warm up area is quite nice.
Played super twilight yesterday with a buddy and got out at 445pm but still managed to finish 18 holes, albeit it was pretty much dark coming up 18. Here's the skinny:

Tee boxes are very playable
Fairways are very playable with a lot of run and firm areas
Rough is a mixed bag of shaggy club grabbing and areas of hard pan
Sand traps are AWFUL with a thin layer of backyard dirt over borderline concrete
Greens are in the best shape I have maybe ever seen them at Alondra. They're rolling true-er than usual, faster than usual (medium slow instead of just slow), and they look great (not like shag carpet).

I commend the staff on the shape they currently have the course considering the water climate.
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