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Played early this morning. I have wanted to drive out and play since I read what great shape Soule is in through My buddy and I were not disappointed. We both agreed that Soule is in the best shape we’ve ever played it. We played as a twosome and it was pretty slow until the foursome ahead of us (they were apologetic) let us play through on the start of the back nine. Tee boxes level. The fairways were great. The bunkers had raked, playable soft sand. The rough was not too penalizing. Finally, the greens were pretty good. There was still a little residual sand on them that made them a tad slow. Just a tad. Probably still about a 10 on the meter. It’s starting to get hot so I truly recommend getting up early and driving out to Ojai and playing this gem.
Played with friends this morning and were the 3rd out. POP, 3 1/2 hours in a cool overcast sky. San Dimas isn’t that long but played longer due to the heavy air. The course isn’t in bad shape, but, in my opinion, not in great shape. In contrast to the prior review, they must have moved the tee boxes because we were hard pressed the entire round To find a level one. The greens were very good. Nice fluffy sand in the bunkers. After many years of coming out here, hit my first power line on nine. I’ve always thought the layout interesting and maybe play this course four times a year coming from Santa Clarita.
Played this morning. Had two foursome times to get together with friends for some birdies and skins. The course is in great shape right now. Perfect weather, no wind and the scores reflected as much. Greens were true, although the pins were in some treacherous spots. I was in two green side bunkers that were raked with nice sand. The only slight complaint is, I wish more players repaired their ball mark on the greens. POP 4 hours. I normally play the majority of my golf on city muni courses in LA, but I must say it was nice chipping out of two inch rye grass than the normal Kikuyu crab grass I usually stick a wedge in nearer home. This is one of my favorite Ted Robinson courses in SoCal.
Played June 1st in the morning. The range and putting green are now open. I always enjoy coming out here. I've told a lot of my golf friends about this course over the past years. I just wish I lived closer. Everyone friendly, always great conditions, fast pop and what I feel is the best finishing hole (at least in the top three) in southern California.
Went out this morning around 6:15am. A twosome went out right before us and after the first hole, never saw them again. A walking threesome came after us and we never saw them after two holes. We finished in 3 1/2 hours. One thing about everyone having their own cart, after tee shots you can go directly to your ball or help out a partner trying to find an errand shot. The tee boxes needed a little work. The fairways pretty good with occasional brown patches. The greens were nice, just on the slow side. The bunkers are flattened wet then packed dirt/sand. Rec is run by American Golf I believe. It’s conditions I would say are like typical city course conditions. Anytime you can play a non waiting round with your friends is a great thing.
Played Tuesday, May 5. Staff seemed confused on what was policy. All I can say is, I think Robert Trent Jones Jr. would be very disappointed seeing how his course has been let go. Haven’t played here since the SCGA called it their course. Very ragged conditions. The only bright spot were the greens. The rough hadn’t been cut in I don’t know how long so if you wandered from the fairway, it took sometimes several minutes to find your ball. Not very pleasing when you’ve driven over 80 miles. I won’t be back for some time.
Went off at 6:48 this morning. Haven’t played here in years, but very pleasant experience. Very friendly staff seem to have the Covid-19 system down, unlike Rancho California. That course is in shabby condition except for the greens. But, getting back to Glen Ivy, the course is in darn good shape. Tee boxes are nice. The fairways are plush. More dirt than sand in the traps but decent. The greens are moderately fast and very true. We played in just over 4 hours. It could have been faster, but caught up to a foursome that had no business playing from the blue tees. They didn’t seem to have very good cart management either. All in all, great to get out and play under circumstances.
Played on April Fools day yesterday. Went out early, 6:45am tee time. Beautiful day. POP was just over 4 hours. The greens in good shape but I heard were going to be punched. They’re also, I feel, some of the most difficult greens to read, at least for me. Love the course and for the money, a gem. I felt that the rest of the course, fairways, tee boxes and sand traps were all in better than normal winter to spring conditions and you can’t beat the views.
Played Encino this morning with some buddies. Tee time was 6:35am. Beautiful morning, a little hint of breeze. POP was 3 hours, 50 minutes. Right now the fairways are cut short (also due to winter dormant conditions) and are running fast. The greens looked faster than they were but as the day got warmer, they went from medium to medium fast. I was in one bunker that had plenty of fresh raked sand. All in all, I think Encino is in pretty decent shape and it’s always nice to get another 10 to 15 yards of roll on your drives.
Played the Dunes course this morning at La Quinta. Went out with another gentleman from
British Columbia. I got to get away for a quick stay over while getting a few days off of work.
The course just recently re-opened after the customary reseeding. Cart path only until the middle of November. This course as with most of the Palm Springs area courses will be immaculate in about a month. Fairways very plush but no roll yet, cut a little high. The greens
about the same, very plush, true rolling but just a little on the slow side. Bunkers were fantastic, slight wet but fluffy sand. Fortunately, only in two the entire round. Carts have GPS so even though it was cart path only, you still were able to get a decent approximate to the hole and I'd just take what i thought was enough club and hedging with one club more or less. Played in just under 3 hours. Very enjoyable round with my vacationing partner. Great staff and at $59.00 for the round, I thought a great value. I've been coming here for years and would suggest to all GKers, if you have a couple of days, get to La Quinta, stay a night or two,
have a drink at the Frank Capra bar area and play these two Pete Dye gems.
Played early today with friends. Our foursome finished in under 4 hrs. The course is in excellent shape. Greens running very true. The sand traps seemed pretty good, just wish
some of the patrons would rake them after being in them. No excuses, actually hit the ball
real well just didn't manage my distances with the trees. A few bad breaks due to my mis-management.
Played this morning early with a couple of friends. Woodley has always been a course to get your head straight. What i mean by that is, when my game has me dazed and confused, I'll
play Woodley to get my confidence back. What you see here is what you get. Ample wide fairways and not a huge amount of trouble. It's also a golf course that you can enjoy a great,
non-hilly walk. Right now the greens I believe are the best of any other city course. My compliments to the greenskeeper. They have a very nice practice facility. It's only my opinion,
but, if they brought in a designer and put in some more strategic waste bunkers and water hazards this course could be so much more interesting. I just don't know what would happen to the eco-structure. In any case, it was a good morning. Mission accomplished.
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