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We found a great deal in the afternoon round so we tried to play a quick 18. It was little chilly so not too many people were out which was great for us. We got there at 1:45PM and there wasn't any bag drop attendent so we proceeded directly to the proshop. We played the Canyon and Ranch. Course had lot of elevation changes thus adding to the challenge. Due to Winter condition, rough was brown and little shaggy. My main issue was the tee box, it was rather long and there were lot of divots. Fairways were in better than average shape and greens were firm but rolled well at about 10 on stimp. It was ideal condition for me. Layout and elevation change is the forte of this course and I would play this course as long as I can find discounted tee time. If they can improve the conditioning of the rough and tee box, it would be a must not miss course. Hope they can fix up the conditions soon. Service wise, they are attentive but it worked ok for us since we needed to get in and out quickly.
Played 12/24/13 at 10AM. We started on the back 9 which played much longer than the front 9. Warmed up at the range which holds about 25 stations and putted from 2 levels of practice green. Main challenge was wet grass not rolling out so long par 4's played like par 5 for me. Back 9 design was little bland. Front 9 was little more interesting with more elevation changes and distinct designs. There were few holes with ocean view which I enjoyed and it was nice course so I'm glad I got to play it but I would much rather play the better conditioned and better designed Emerald course any given day. BTW, this course is longer than the Emerald course by 200 yds for same colored tee to Emerald.
Tee boxes were lush with very little usage so it was almost near perfect. Fairways were nice but not as nice as Emerald Course. Roughs were in good shape. Putting greens were mostly smooth with little bumps from spike marks. Overall, this is very nice course and I would recommend it but if you only have 1 round to play here, then I would choose the Emerald course.
Played here 12/22/13 at 10AM. Nice driving range with 25 stations. You have to take a separate range cart (without roof) to go to the range even though they have regular cart. They said it was their slow season. We teed off as 2 some along with bunch of other 2 somes so played in about 3.5 hours even after taking many photos. Emerald course fits its name. The fairways and rough was in deep dark shade of green in superb condition. It would rival any of the Hawaii's top course in condition and it wouldn't be much to prepare course like this for a PGA event. Every hole is either severe uphill or downhill. All the downhill holes have Ocean View while all the uphills have Mountain View. It was very scenic with elevation changes that just can't be captured in a photo. Course didn't play very long due to lots of down hills but was very enjoyable. Emerald is more of a resort style course with no OB and fairly generous on tee shots. Toughest part of the course was its green. It has special Bermuda that supposely follows the sun shine so it was tough to read. Similarly lined putts that were only few inches away from each other broke differently depending on the grain. One putt would break left and another wouldn't break or even broke right even though it was only few inches away from the other putt. I would highly suggest this course for those who enjoy spectacular views with best condtions. Staff was attentive and cart girl Amy came around 3 times during our round. Will post photos when I get back home in about a week.
Getting here is little tricky as you will need to use the side road that looks like someone's drive way. As I pulled in, you can see the grand par 3 with mini cliffs so I knew this course was gonna be tough. Course is rather short but it makes it up with its slope. This is very tough course. If you miss your drives and approach shot, its a lost ball. 2nd hole was very challenging and our entire 4 some all had double bogey or worse. This course has beautiful mountain drop and is picturesque scenery at every turn. Driving range is off the matt so that was little bummer. There was practically no one at the course and we hardly so anyone during our entire round until 18th hole. Elevation changes and uneven lies at every turn so if you aren't used to that, bring lots of golf ball as you will need it. I really enjoyed this course and its beauty. Only fault I found with the course is that their greens are really hard and there is only thin layer of grass on the top so its rather sandy and not very attracticve looking. Not sure how they can fix it though since its sitting on the side of the mountain range. We saw wild pigs and surrounding makes you feel like you're playing golf in the movie Avatar. Will post some photos in next few days. If you have decent ball striking and want to play somewhere that has great mountain view, this is your place.
Don't let the name fool you. Its not a beach course. Even though beach is right across the street, you don't ever see the ocean. As long as you don't come here expecting an ocean view course, you'll be pleasantly happy. As someone else have said, this is inland course right next to the beach. Course itself is very nicely designed with conditions that are superb from Tee to Green. Fairways are narrow but majority of the time, you don't have much problem playing from the errant tee shot. If you want to play top conditioned course with good design, this is it. If you're looking for the Hawaii Ocean view or grand mountain view then go elsewhere. I love their greens since you do not need to read grain. Staff treated us like local friends. Nothing over the top but took care of things we needed.
I played here at 9/28 after playing the sister course La Colinas. I absolutely loved this course. This course is very unusal for Florida. There are tons of elevation changes. It reminds me of california courses. Conditions, layout, and overall design is very eye catching and can be difficult. I would definitely play here again given the chance. I enjoyed every minute of it even though we were very tired. We got to play it for $35 replay rate and that was a steal. Don't miss your chance.
Played here 9/28/13 as part of amateurtour event. Teed off at 8:30AM and course was very nicely manicured. Its mostly flat but they try to add small mounds here and there to add some visual effects. It wasn't anything special but conditions were nice and round was enjoyable. Greens were very smooth. Fairways are near perfect shape. They have 2 courses here and I would recommend the El Campeon over this course. It was fun, it was great shape but nothing too memorable. Staff was very friendly and dine in area really took personal care and touch. I would save this as your 2nd round of the day.
Playing 2nd time this year. Last time I played it was week after Player's Championship and conditions were fabulous except for some minor traffic worn spots on the courses from the spectator. Played 9/29/13 and it was beautiful day of 79 degree. Course has been re-sodded in July and everything was immaculate. Greens were smooth and fast. Fairways were firm and rough was super tough. Anytihng in the rough sat down and anything longer than a short iron was impossible. Today was little windy and made it super tough. Playing from 6100 yd tee, I could still only muster up 89. Green side chip and pitch shot was very tough. On the adjacent course at Dye's Valley Course, tour was having their championship so people were warming up side by side with the tour pros. Of course I don't think any of the pros shot If you get the chance, come out and play. Its definitely a bucket list course.
Played on 2/22/13 Monday. We teed off 12:20PM. When we parked our car, attendant came with golf cart and loaded us up promptly. Driving range only has 7 slots only so use your time wisely. After some delay due to starter not present during the shift change, we got to tee off. We had to quite a bit here and there for the front 9 but the 4 some in front of us ended up flipping their cart on 11th hole so they had to quit. One guy had pretty severe damage to his knee so they took him to the hospital. We heard their cart tires squealing multiple times on the front 9 so they must took it to the next level on 11th (They were elderly gentlemen in 50's to 60's) I hope he is ok. After 15 minute delay of flipping the cart back and driving it off to the side, it was smooth sailing for us after that.

Tee boxes are in good shape with only minor dead spots upon closer inspection. Fairways were also in great shape with only minor brown spots appearing sporadically. Rough was in lush and in full bloom. Luckily, I was in the rough only couple times so didn't effect me any at all. I only saw 1 bunker that was still in process of repair and all the rest was filled with pristine white sand with heavy texture. Greens have recovered quite a bit since last time I was here in November. First 2 greens are still less than average but most of the other ones are adequate. It is still in shaggy mode so not as good as I would like the green to be but its getting there. Luckily, it did look like it has been rolled so speed was faster than it looked. It was bumpy but not a big concern.

I could clearly see the improvement over past couple months and I hope next couple month's grass growing season will return the course back to its past glories. I always enjoy the layout of the course and its views. Its still not there yet but its in plenty good shape if you've been waiting to play this course.

I hope I have enough time on my next visit to play here again.
Played here 2/24 around 12PM as 3 some. I must say, I was very disappointed with the overall condition of the course. I played the sister course Lexington about a month ago so I was expecting somewhat similar conditions. Staff was attentive as usual so no issues there. There was a group just ahead of us still hitting from the fairways so we took 5 minutes to hit few balls at the range so that they would be cleared up by the time we got to the tee. We hit our tee shots and took about 5 min to look for the lost ball when the group behind came up on the tee so we played on. We get to the 2nd hole and they were still in the middle of the fairway. This went on for 4 holes before ranger let us play through. By the way, it took over 1 hr to play first 3 hole. After we got through them, it was smooth sailing. It took us less than 3 hrs to play the next 14 holes.

Tee boxes were in poor shape. Lots of dead areas and divots that has not been repaired. Fairways have lot of damages from divots and dead brown areas are more prevalent than I'd like to see for higher end course as this. Conditions were comparable to local munis. Dormant rough was not an issue and expected for this time of the year. Bunker has very thin layer of sand so greenside bunkers were tough since your wedge bounced off unless your ball was sitting in the dead center of the bunker not to mention multiple mini pebbles that would scratch up your club. Greens did have some browning here and there but was in good enough shape except for the unfixed ball marks. Honestly, we wanted to quit after playing about 5 holes. This course has very fun layout with lots of elevation changes. I would recommend waiting few months for the grasses to be repaired before playing the Concord. In the mean time, play the Lexington course where conditions are much better and you'll be able to avoid the disappointment.
Played 2/23/13 Saturday. Its was a windy day so it felt lot colder than it should. Course is only 10 minutes from the strip and when you first arrive, you need to go through privacy gate with security. When you pull up to the bag drop, attendant comes and take care of your bag. Staff was attentive. Club house is extravagant and there are huge lobby and meeting room areas along with multiple restaurant sitting areas. Driving range has room for about 15 people and putting green only has 4 flags to putt at so plan accordingly.

This course has 3 separate 9 holes and we got to play Canyon and Lake combo. This course definitely feels like a secluded private course. Course does wind through the housing area but most of the houses do not come into play. Fairways are extra generous and is firm so you get extra roll. Only saw few bare spots so overall, it was in excellent condition. Tee boxes were in near perfect shape with only few divots and pretty much pristine. Bermuda rough was dormant so it was short and dry. Other rough with same grass as fairways were green but little longer than the fairway. If there were any fault at all, it was their bunkers. It contained too many small rocks so it will scratch and ding your club. My favorite part of this course was their green. It was soft enough to make a good shot stop but firm enough to penalize thin shots. Green was little brown around the edges but it was due to how low they cut their green. It was smooth and fast as pool table. If you're not used to fast speed, make sure you practice before teeing off, else you will struggle with putting.

Overall, I througly enjoyed this course and I will be looking forward to next time I am in town as I will play this course again. There were variety of holes requiring right to left and left to right tee shot and it was never boring or felt like I was playing same hole over and over again. This is top notch course in high society area with expensive cars in the parking lot. Play it while its still public.
I played here on 2/22/13. We had tee time at 11:45AM but with our delay in flight and extra 20 minutes spent at the car rental, we were late. I called in and staff was very accommodating by reassuring that they will work us as soon as we got there. We each gobbled down a delicious hot dog and after 10 minutes of range session we were escorted to Coyote instead of Eldorado since starter though that we would enjoy that layout better. Driving range has ample space for 30+ people and just next to it is short game area. Very nice practice facility.

The layout has desert arroyo but not so severe that you would lose your golf ball. It was great for our 2 high handicappers since they only lost couple balls. Course wasn't easy due to pin placements but it was very playable if you didn't go pin hunting like I did. Tee boxes were little shaggy but it was to protect the tee boxes getting damaged during the colder days so it was just fine. Fairways are medium firm and good shape with few minor bare spots here and there. It did not effect our game any so it was just fine. Sand in the bunker looks crusty and heavy looking but to my surprise, it was fluffy. I had to use higher bounce wedges after my first shot using low bounce wedge did not get the ball out. Greens were mostly soft except for few areas where wind had dried out. Greens rolled medium fast and most putts did not break much at all even though my reads were that it would break more. Only downside about the green is that there were so many unrepaired marks. I fixed 5 to 10 marks on each green but still could not get to half of them. I throughly enjoyed the layout and it was very fun course that gave you opportunity to recover. I wouldn't hesitate to come back and golf here again especially since cost of the green fees here is about half what they charge near the strip.
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