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What a great muni course on Maui. I was with my family of 7. Some golfers, some not so much. I booked here as it's not too expensive for traveling Hawaii golf. And it seemed friendly for beginners. I also noticed there we no tee times booked after us, so I knew as long as I kept the groups pace up, we'd be good.
All around awesome day! POP was just over 4 hours. Rentals for the non-golfers was very easy.
Course conditions were great for a muni....
Tee boxes not the most level, but fine.
Fairways had some bare spots, but again, fine
Bunkers a little hard/compact, but fine
Greens were decent. More grainey that us SoCal golfers are used to with the different grasses. But again, fine.
I would absolutely recommend this place for a great value in the area. Of course Wailea is just down the street tho! Haha!
Played North Ranch with my brother on 12/30 at 10am. Busy day at the club, and we still finished with just over a 4 hour POP.
Definitely winter conditions, but course is still pristine. We played the Oaks/Lakes combo, and I definitely like the Lakes 9 better. My brother, who is a new member, said the Valley 9 is more like the Lakes than the Oaks. Oaks is rated as the toughest.

Tee boxes were all level and had great turf.
The fairways were perfectly manicured and mowed. Maybe a little thin in some spots, but still very lush.
The rough is not very penal, and you could play full shots out of it. The ball even sat up half the time. I wonder if they let it grow in during the spring/summer months...
Bunkers all had nice fluffy sand, but no rakes on the course still.
The greens - WOW! Super fast, and lots of undulation. But at the same time, they held full approach shots well, and putted true (once you figure them out - which I never did, haha!!). Definitely tough greens.
Great course and can't wait to go back.

There is a college tournament that will be broadcast on the Golf Channel in late January, hosted by Pepperdine. I think Tiger won it there when he was a freshman at Stanford.

All necessary COVID protocols in place.
Highly recommend if you get the chance to play.
Played La Quinta Dunes course last Saturday 8/15, early morning. 6:45am start with a POP of 3:50. Pretty great. But man, was it HOT!!!! Started off humid, cloudy, and a little breezy, then the sun came out and it was 105* by 11am. When we got back to our VRBO house, it was 119*. Made sure to jump in the pool...

On to the course -
What a great track! Tee boxes a little beat up, but fairways were great, rough was thick in spots, but playable, and greens were great. The bunkers were even in good shape. You can tell they take good care of the course.

The only knock is how some holes play thru the drainage channels. I guess this is common in the Valley, but I’ve never liked it.
Overall course was great, POP was great, and I’d definitely return if staying in the area.
Played ‘TR’ - that’s their new branding - on Friday 6/19 at 9am. Great POP, at 4:15. They do 12 minute tee times right now, and it really helps. Waiting a little here and there, but otherwise kept moving along nicely. Course is ok/good right now. Definitely rough around the edges, but still good shape, great greens, and great views/environment. One of my favorite hillside type courses.
Greens can be tough, as many false fronts/backs/sides to them. A few holes are quirky, but overall great layout.
We paid $60 to ride on a Friday morning, and thought it was extremely reasonable. I think it’s $20 more on the weekends. Not sure if ‘TR’ is back to being an $80 round. Needs more fine tuning to get the rates they used to.
It’s seems as if they are pretty liberal on their COVID-19 precautions. Masks are voluntary for golfers near the clubhouse. It is Ventura County, and I live in LA, so not sure if there are differences.
Overall, would recommend for $60 or less.
Walked La Mirada today, 5/16. We had a 9:50am tee time, but they were 30 minutes behind schedule due to giving riders their own carts (cart shortage). Once we tee’d off around 10:15, we played in a 4:15 POP. So pretty good. I think it’s the first time I played in under 5 hours at La Mirada. Tee times are spaced 10 minutes apart, and no 5somes. I really hope all County courses keep this for a while...

Conditions were so-so. All covid-19 precautions in place except for one HUGE one (I’ll get to that at the end).
Tee boxes were decent. Rough was crazy thick, and with the hilly/slopy lies at La Mirada, it can make for a challenge. Fairways were ok; decent in some areas, patchy in others. Bunkers were not maintained. Obviously no rakes, but weeds starting to grow throughout most of them. Greens were ok. Very soft, but super slow. They needed to be rolled.

Here’s the covid-19 kicker. Golf courses are only going to remain open as long as there is no outbreak tied to one, and only if golfers obey the rules. We were behind a group of 20, that had the 5 tee times ahead of us. On the course, the group was fine. But they all gathered just beyond the 18th green to settle up bets and hang out. 20 of them, no social distancing, no masks, drinking beers and having a good time. Hey I get it. But don’t be the reason that the rest of us lose out on golf. If courses were to shut down again, it would be because of groups like this (and real easy to do when it’s County or City run facility.


Otherwise, I don’t recommend La Mirada in terms of conditioning right now. This was the only place we could find a last minute tee time, so we bit the bullet. It was a great day to get out and enjoy the fresh air, but the course is not in any sort of decent condition.
Played Goose Creek this morning, 3/1, with a group of 8 players at 7:33 and 7:42. Those 9 minute spaces for tee times sure makes a difference, as both groups finished with a POP of 3:45, and we were 6 walkers/2 riders. If only it wasn’t 60+ miles away.

It’s kinda funny; my friend and I were discussing that this was probably the ‘worst’ condition we’ve ever seen Goose Creek in, but it was still an 8/8.5 across the board. Everything was good to great, we’ve just been spoiled and previously we played it in ‘pristine’ condition.

Tee boxes were level with good coverage. Fairways were a little “wintry”, but nothing bad by any means. Bunkers had good, soft sand for the most part. The one knock would be the greens. While they held shots, rolled true, and were very fast, their were more ball marks than usual, and not kept up by the players - shame on you, haha!

It was a great day at the Goose, and we got out of there just as it starting dumping rain. Can’t wait to go back.
Played on 10/26, as a public shotgun, due to a tournament later in the afternoon. Tee time 7am, but really started around 7:30. POP was a smooth 4.5 hours. Pretty good for El Do.
Conditions were solid across the board. Tee boxes probably the worst, being a little chewed up. Fairways had nice lies. Soft in the early morning (a little wet), eventually drying up. Rough was thin in some spots, patchy and thick in others. Bunkers were good across the board. Greens were really good. Healed up completely from aeration about 3-4 weeks ago. Rolling faster as the sun was out longer.
Highly recommend when pace isn’t an issue.
Played Skylinks on 8/25 at about 8:30am for a GK Cup Match. POP just under 5 hours, but actually felt ok, as we didn’t wait too long on many shots. Course is in decent summer shape. Tee boxes were flat, level, and good coverage. Fairways were in good condition. A little wet in the morning, so not much roll out. Bunkers had good sand. Rough wasn’t penal, and ok to hit from. Greens were soft and receptive, holding well struck shots. They were surprisingly slow though.
Course is in decent overall shape, but I definitely think it’s a little overpriced.
Ahh, such a love/hate with Los Verdes. Love the course, conditions are probably the best in years, but it took over 3 hours to finish playing the front yesterday. But... I’ve also experienced sub 2 hours 9’s here in the late afternoons.

Played yesterday with a buddy at 3:22pm. Walked off #9 green at 6:30pm. Didn’t have time to play the back. Like I mentioned above, conditions are great. Tee boxes mostly flat. Fairways in great shape. Rough was your average LA County muni. Good in some spots, a little patchy in others. Bunkers we even decent. Good sand in the 4 or 5 I was in.
The greens were great. Fast downhill, fast uphill (yes, I said that correctly), and always breaking to the ocean. Beautiful surroundings, nice ocean breezes....where’s that heat wave like across the nation?
Only negative is POP, and it’s an extremely large negative.
Played today, 6/23 at 7:32am. POP was a shade under 5 hours. Par for the course here. A buddy and me paired with a two some that was part of the Men’s Club. Gotta say that Lakewood is in fine shape right now. Tees mostly flat with not too much divot damage. Fairways were nice. Cut thin, so decent roll out, but still enough turf for some cushion and spin on well struck shots. Rough was ok. Some parts were shin-high and nasty. Some where light and not too penal. Bunkers were in good shape with decent sand. Greens were pretty receptive, and rolled true. Not too bumpy either; rolled pretty nice. Down-hillers were quick as usual here, but again, they rolled nicely.
Highly recommend right now.
100% agree with NutNButCup’s recent review. Course is in good shape right now, and the greens were just trimmed, so a tiny bit bumpy, but atill actually rolls good, med-fast paced. And the greens here are the obvious defense. Course is faily generous off the tee to most Par 4 and 5’s. But pretty much all he greens are huge here, with 2, 3, or even 4 undulations on all the greens! But it’s really fun to play. Hitting wedges and 9 irons into Par 4’s here is absolutely the play.

POP is usually good here. We played at 4:20 POP, on a fairly busy afternoon.
Navy is always in great shape! Highly recommend right now. I love the layout. The greens are some of the largest/trickiest out there.
We tee’d off at 11am on Thurs 8/2, with a POP of about 4:45. Very slow out there. The back up on the 9th tee was 4 groups deep. It opened up after the 25 minute break in the round, but borderline unacceptable.
No marshall around.

Tee boxes were flat, level, and fine.
Fairways were excellent. Actually kinda soft, so not much roll out on big hits. The rough was very playable, and not penal. Some great lies in the rough.
The traps were all fine. Decent sand, and people rake them here.
The greens were great! Fast, undulating, and smooth. The greens are one of the defenses of the course here. Get on a wrong tier, and it could get rough, haha!

Great course, in great shape. Normally POP isn’t an issue. I won’t hold it against them.
Highly recommend.
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